Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Secret Summer Swap

Happy Wednesday All!!  Today's post is about a "Secret Summer Swap" I was a part of in a facebook group.  At the beginning of summer (or maybe late spring) a bunch of great gals and I decided to send gifts to each other anonymously via elfster (a website for gift exchanges).  Elfster draws names randomly and even allows you to have wishlists and random questions for your "secret person."  We all received our gifts and I can finally reveal my Secret Summer Sender--  It was Tamala!!  Tamala is a great gal I "met" a long time ago in the nail polish world.  She actually was one of the first people I ever did a "swap" with.   She has exquisite taste in polish and is a very poised, classy lady.  :)  Anyway, I absolutely love my gifts from her...My package was so heartfelt and I can tell she put a lot of time and effort in to choosing my gifts, so I wanted to do a post dedicated to Tamala and her generosity...

My gifts from Tam:

Look at all my fun stuff!!  Some delicious liquor I drank on the golf course lol, Paris Sparkles Celery Stalker, some nail brushes, a file, Dior Tuxedo, SOPI It's My Pink, a cute case, and some personalized note cards!!  Ahhh.. I love everything!!  Now, I have all the polishes to share with you..

SOPI It's My Pink (Betsey Johnson)

Ahhh... any of you who knows my taste in polish, knows I absolutely love a nice hot pink creme!!  This one had been on my wishlist for a while and it's so so gorgeous!!  Above is two coats of  It's My Pink.  It's My Pink is infused with Betsey Johnson's signature scent "Too Too".  I love this bright pink!!  I can never have enough hot pink cremes!! :)

Paris Sparkles Celery Stalker:

I added a bunch of indies to my wishlist recently and Celery Stalker was on the top of the list!!  This is my first polish from Paris Sparkles.  Celery Stalker (love the name) has a sheer mint base with silver shimmer, and scattered blue, red, gold, green, black, silver and white glitter.  Pictured above is three coats of Celery Stalker followed by a fast-dry topcoat.  I love the sheerness of this one.. the glitters just swim around at different depths.

Dior Tuxedo:

Gah!!  My first Dior!!  Tam really spoiled me with this package!!  Tuxedo is an amazing midnight blue polish with gorgeous shine and shimmer!  Pictured above is three coats.  Perfection!!

**Thanks again Tam, for spoiling the crap out of me!!  I love my package!! :) **


  1. Great post!! I am so glad you love everything!! Our swap was so fun!!

  2. Lovely post and what a great swap package! Tamala really did her research! <3

  3. So awesome! I love Tamala too!

  4. I love these...and what a cool idea. How do you get involved in something like this? I would love to do this sometime. :)


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